How The North American Public Was Fooled by Media Campaign to Raise Money to Pay for Exorbitant Salaries and Frivolous Expenses of “Non Profit” Organization Arm Chair Executives and Pseudo Scientists  by Falsely Portraying the Annual Seal Hunt as a Humanitarian Crises.

Let’s examine the real objectives of this outrageous hoax and who benefited from the environmental disasters which followed the Ban on Seal Hunting in North Eastern Canada:  Forty years ago, in the early seventies, our salmon rivers were plumb full of Atlantic salmon and Canada's Atlantic Coast had a bustling and profitable ground fishing industry, especially for Cod.  The exceptional Atlantic Salmon angling attracted high paying sportsmen from around the globe to these rivers which were all privately owned.  The best of these waters were the private playground of wealthy corporate executives and government officials, and the general public was barred from these waters by a legal system that protected private ownership of river rights. The Riparian owners, (learn all about the Riparian owners online at: began to notice the pressure from “outsiders” as the fabulous salmon fishing was apparent to all.

As the angling success continued and the economic conditions of average Canadian citizens improved, large numbers of “resident” anglers began to seek access to these highly productive waters.  Within a short time these average citizens were seen as a threat to the private privileges enjoyed by the wealthy elites.  Also, the logging, hydro, and oil industries became very concerned that a dramatic increase of resident salmon anglers would bring the general population of Canada face to face with the enormous destructive activities that these companies were conducting.  Bringing the public so close to these devastating activities would allow them to be first hand witnesses to environmental crimes.  This had enormous potential to seriously interfere with major logging, hydro electric and offshore oil drilling projects, also the Riparian owners could lose their private fishing rights as resident anglers demanded more water to fish.     

If the high quality salmon angling successes of the early seventies had remained with us till the end of the 20th century, instead of the 7500 annual salmon anglers we now see in Quebec, today we would be seeing hundreds of thousands possibly as much as a half a million anglers, demanding access to the prime fishing waters in Eastern Canada.  One can easily imagine the magnitude of the confrontation staged by a half a million ardent sport salmon anglers as the logging industry slaughtered all of Eastern Canada's forests along the river-sheds in their criminal rush to snatch billions of $$$ in easy profits at the expense of the public and in violation of every environmental law on the books.  Imagine the magnitude of the opposition to hydro electric companies trying to erect dams in salmon angler’s favorite rivers, or oil companies trying to setup offshore drilling platforms against the will of a thriving cod industry.  

And last, but certainly not least, try to imagine the Riparian owners, North America's industrial elites, the same Wall Street titans who engineered the recent financial collapse that destroyed combined economies of the Western World, controlling large portion of our salmon rivers, and “Scientific” Federations and Foundations.  Its almost too easy to predict how they would react to the possibility of having to share fishing privileges with common citizens. 

In the early seventies a popular de-clubbing movement appeared in Quebec to abolish Riparian Legal Rights and the rich and famous were well on their way to being reduced to an ordinary level of privilege. The dramatic increase of resident salmon anglers demanding more and more fishing water, placed the Riparian owners under an enormous siege and threat of losing their precious private fishing paradise.  These corporate kingpins are used to getting their way and they knew there was one solution that would cure their problems…
A dramatic reduction of the numbers of salmon running up our rivers would become the solution!   Fewer Atlantic Salmon, much fewer, would decrease demand for angling and also provide excuses for self funded “Scientific” studies dramatically restricting the amount of fishing and the introduction of catch and release.  All this effort would serve the selfish purpose of a few who would remain largely unaffected by these events.

Another plan, however, would emerge to set the stage and this would be one of the great Public Relations coups of all time.  Unfortunately, the whole thing was based on a hoax.  This Corporate Plan was orchestrated to clear a path allowing the logging, the hydro electric, the offshore drilling and Riparian owners to achieve all their objectives while at the same time avoiding the need to confront large populations of salmon anglers and commercial cod fishermen.

The weapon tool of choice: . . .  
The media.  Producing a film that could shock the planet
A professional cameraman by the name of Raoul Jomphe was given the contract, and was assisted by two “talented” seal hunters. Their mandate was to orchestrate the most barbarous, horrendous animal abuse performance ever filmed.  The scene which purported to demonstrate common practices by seal hunters, was completely staged:  The public would witness the clubbing of tiny white seal pups on the head, and then the skinning of these beautiful creatures, while apparently still alive, on blood splattered immaculate snow.  What a horrifying media footage it produced and, predictably, stopped the Canadian seal hunt dead in its tracks.
What does this have to do with Salmon?  Well, within a decade of the seal hunt ban, the cod and salmon population collapsed due to a huge over-population of seals.  The results of this needless, and false “humanitarian” effort, in addition to raising millions of dollars to support the life styles of bureaucratic administrators, was to thus pave the highway for the big industrialists and the Riparian owners to get everything they wanted.

Today:  Eastern Canada's forest have been decimated, our salmon rivers destroyed, our water ways polluted, our most precious food supply from the ocean wiped out and the Riparian owners kept control of their little paradise all to themselves.      

The bottom line:  “They” fooled you into supporting the seal hunt ban… “They” paid themselves well from your sympathetic contributions of money…While you were distracted, “They” compromised your government with every corruption possible and proceeded to slaughter all of Eastern Canada's forests.  In doing this “They” all but destroyed our great Atlantic salmon rivers, leaving just enough to serve their own private pleasures.

“They” invented “scientific” research and created laws and regulations that all but eliminated common people from enjoying traditional fishing for salmon.  “They” erected hydro electric dams in our rivers and licensed offshore drilling platforms for oil.  “They” wiped out one of the world's most critical food supplies by destroying the ecology of the North Atlantic food chain, and they “scientifically” blamed this disaster on the commercial fisherman. 
Who are “They”? 

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