This book is the product of over five thousand hours of writing and editing and nearly 20 years of personal research and anecdotal evidence gathering. Even more importantly is the research and findings by professional scientists and other experts in natural resources and environmental issues. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in North America and indeed, the world who are intensely interested in preserving natural habitat for the benefit of fishes and animals and future generations of people whose quality of life is directly connected to and dependent on maintaining environmental standards for air, land and water. Many of these interested people have been living on a diet of manufactured science and outright propaganda that is widely published by non-profit foundations, and government agencies, with funding from giant corporate interests and wealthy individuals. This book is published as an answer to the outrageous manipulation of science and fact that has become common in the mainstream media. My purpose is to expose the secret brotherhood of corporate and government officials (with the support of many scientists on their payroll) and to publish information that is not available anywhere else. It is important to inform the public about those groups who have manipulated Eastern Canada’s fisheries and forest resources in the style of Machiavelli with their only goal being control and monetary gain. For the sake of billions of dollars of profits and “quick money” they have slaughtered the forests which protect our streams and rivers. In order to do so they have flaunted existing laws and regulations and even made up their own rules and regulations. We need to learn more about these people who control our forests and salmon rivers from behind the scenes.

Today, our forests, our salmon rivers, our salmon stocks, our cod fisheries, our waters ways are all in peril, brought about by horrendous environmental crimes, orchestrated by a few greedy giant corporate leaders and corrupted government.

What we can and must do, is to organize a campaign of the people in order to save these resources. Nothing else will work, because the entire system has been corrupted. Working together for the benefit of the ecosystem and not for corporate executive’s bonuses we can bring back wild Atlantic salmon and Atlantic cod stocks to their historic abundance . . .

We MUST leave future generations a better environment.

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The Great Seal Hunt Hoax
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The Great Seal Hunt Hoax